Wood Step Stools For Kids, Do Not Buy Until You Read This

Last Updated on August 19, 2020

Wood step stools for kids; what you need to know before you buy one. It seems like a very easy task, pick out one you like and purchase. Not so fast. This wood stool is going to be used by a very special little person, a child. It may be your child or someone else, it really does not matter, child safety should be a must at all times. There are many factors to consider when purchasing a wood step stool.

First on the list is the wood. High quality wood that is smooth, solid and strong is a must. It should be smooth so there will be no chance of a child getting a splinter and solid and strong so it does not collapse when the child sits or stands on it.

The paint on the stools is also very important when buying a wood children step stool. Always make sure the paint or gloss is lead free. Children love to chew on everything and as we know this could be a problem. Be safe and find out!

Some stools are called flip stools. This is a chair where the back folds forward thus becoming a stool. This is a very good concept because it keeps the height of the stool lower so a child should not be able to seriously injure themselves. Young children can be very fearless and we want to prevent them from senseless accidents.

The step stool is a wonderful source of independence for every child. He or she can sit in it without climbing, stand on it to reach a light switch, the toilet or a book. They can also reach the sink to wash their hands and brush their teeth, all by themselves.

Now that you know what you must look for when choosing a wood children step stool, go and purchase the one that is not only attractive, but safe as well!

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