Why Personalized Baby Items Make Great Unique Baby Shower Gifts

Last Updated on August 19, 2020

So you are invited to a baby shower. You do not know what to give? The choices are endless. It seems like babies need more and more products than the generations before them. I think sometimes as with other things in life, less is more. By making life simple and less complicated you will have more time for yourself, your family and baby as well. The same can be said when choosing a baby shower gift. Some people do know exactly what baby gift item they want to give. Some give what they would like to receive, and some of the most desired gifts are personalized baby items. They really are special for baby and they mean so much to the parents as well. It usually takes a little longer to get, and you must make sure you have the information correct, but in the end it is well worth it. Here are examples of gifts that you can give at the baby shower. Choose personalized baby items that have stood the test of time, and are practical, functional, and will be cherished for years to come.

Every new baby should have a personalized soft baby blanket. It not only can have the name of the baby embroidered on it, but the birthday as well. When purchasing a soft baby blanket, it must not only be soft but durable, and of top quality. It has to be able to withstand the washer and dryer and because many times it becomes baby’s best friend, the blanket will have to survive all the places baby drags it around to.

A child step stool, some called flip stools because the back of the chair flips forward to make a stool, is a must have for every child. They are very helpful as they are a perfect height for baby to sit on and are a step stool to help baby reach the sink or get a toy or book from a shelf. The name of the baby is usually hand painted on the back of the chair. They also come in a puzzle style where the name of the baby is made of individually cut out letters so baby can develop hand eye coordination and will also be able to learn how to recognize and spell his or her own name. The puzzle stool also comes in a two tier personalized puzzle stool. This stool has two steps and the baby name in puzzle pieces. Whichever one you select will be a perfect choice.

Another great baby gift item is a personalized hooded spa baby bath robe. Infants look so cuddly wrapped up in the robe and how cute is it to see a toddler walking around in one. Since they are usually very generously sized, they can be used for quite a long time. They can also be used around the pool and at the beach.

So now you know what to give whenever you are invited to a baby shower. Whether you choose the soft baby blanket, the child step stool, either flip, flip puzzle or two tier puzzle, or an adorable hooded spa baby bath robe, you know that you have chosen something that will be enjoyed by baby and will be very much appreciated by the parents, and they all make great unique baby shower gifts.

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