Soft Baby Blankets – You Can Never Have Too Many

Last Updated on August 19, 2020

Plush soft baby blankets are gifts every baby needs and all new mothers want to receive. You can never have too many. Some babies will attach themselves to one blanket, the one they will carry around and go to sleep with, but not to cover up with.

Blankets can serve so many purposes. The two just mentioned, the first being a security blanket which baby finds very comforting and if it gets misplaced, forgotten in the washer or dryer, or the worse case lost, baby may have a hard time falling asleep and the rest of the household will become very disrupted. The other purpose mentioned will keep baby cozy and warm for nap time, bedtime, or in the stroller when needed.

Blankets make excellent baby bath towels, especially for young babies, and if they are made from a soft cotton flannel fabric that makes it even better. Use them at the swimming pool or the beach to dry off after a dunk or swim. Now they have become a beach towel. Put them down on the sand or grass and baby will have a nice clean place to lie or sit on. They are easy to care for. Just pop them in the washer and dryer and they are good to go.

Something else you can do to make the blanket special, is to personalize it. Every baby should have at least one embroidered baby blanket. It most likely will be the one that is carried around and baby is attached to.

When thinking about what you can give for a new baby gift or a personalized baby shower gift, just remember a plush soft baby blanket, either with or without personalization, is a great gift that all babies can use and mothers will love.

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