Posh Baby Gifts – Classy, Elegant, Fashionable and Usually More Expensive

Last Updated on August 19, 2020

The definition of posh is classy: elegant and fashionable. Expensive usually goes along also. I came across the words “Posh Baby Gifts” and I wanted to find out what kind of gifts fulfilled the criteria for the word “Posh”.

Even though the economy is not good there are still many people able to afford to buy expensive products. They have the means to purchase top of the line baby furniture for the nursery and will hire decorators to create a very special place for that very special arrival! If you went to a baby shower for someone like this you would see many of these posh baby gifts.

Just for fun let us say we need to buy such a gift. I found some very unique and interesting gifts along with wonderful classic ones.

First on the list are hand-painted baby books. These are made special and have many features the “off the shelf” ones cannot offer. Personalized name plaques are another favorite choice. ID bracelets for girls and boys or a classic pearl or sterling silver one for girls can become an heirloom to be passed down and cherished forever. Another very unique item is a portrait on canvas. A very exclusive mural artist will create a beautiful 20″x24″ image. This same artist also does exquisite wall hangings, personalized with the first name of the child. Something else to be considered is a hand painted wooden sconce or table lamp, perfect for the nursery.

If a more classic posh baby gift is what you want, baby blankets come in many wonderful designs, fabrics and colors. Most can be personalized for an extra special touch. Not to forget the toys, some excellent choices are airplanes (the ones a child can sit on and scoot or pedal), replica fire trucks, and tricycles like you have never seen before.

The next time you need something “Posh” think about these suggestions and I am sure you will be able to find one that will perfectly fit the occasion.

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