Busy Moms – 5 Tips to Help Make Life Easier for You and Your New Baby

Last Updated on August 19, 2020

I know what it is like to be a busy mom. Once upon a time I was a very busy mom, and looking back I sometimes wonder how I did it. Being a mother is the hardest job anyone can have, but it can also be one of the most wonderful and rewarding. I had my first child at 22, number 2 was born exactly 21 months to the day later, and number 3 came less than 16 months after number 2. Whew! What this meant down the road is that I had 3 children in college at the same time. What was I thinking? And by the way 7½ years after number 3, I delivered number 4. All my pregnancies were full term and I was blessed with 4 precious beautiful baby boys.

So how did I do it? Let me give you some background about myself. I am the younger of 2 children, my brother being over 6 years older than me. I had babysat maybe a handful of times so when I became a mother I really had no experience. After my first son was born I was very fortunate to have my mother help me. She showed me the basics of taking care of a newborn baby and off I went.

The first tip of survival is to make sure you get as much rest as possible. Take care of baby and when he or she naps you nap also. This is just temporary until you get your strength back and the baby sleeps for longer periods of time, until at last through the night.

The second tip is nutrition. You must eat regularly and have foods that provide you with a well balanced diet. If you are breastfeeding it is vital that you do so, or your baby will suffer. This is not a time to get your figure back by dieting and eating less.

The third tip is to have a routine. I know it may sound a little crazy because you think, how can I have a routine when it seems like my life is upside down? Make a list of everything that is a necessity and do them. Most will be things you must do every day and try to do them in between naps or when you seem to have a little energy. Also maybe a friend or a relative can stop by once a day and you can get some things done then. Remember to stay as calm as possible because babies can sense tension and the last thing you need is a stressed out baby!

The fourth tip, which is very important, is priorities and at this time they are you and baby. You will get to the point where your life will take on a semblance of normalcy and you will be able to do many of the things you did before this precious new life became the most important part of yours. You will most likely end up enjoying this lifestyle even more.

And now for number five. Make time for yourself (me time). Even if it is just a bubble bath or a quick manicure and pedicure or just to exercise. It will lift your spirits and make the time with baby even more special.

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